Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feather Tree

I love feather trees but not the prices. Shopping in the dollar store, I came across this fuzzy yarn and got excited- I love it when a plan comes together. For this craft you will need:

  • one spool 14GA wire

  • 1 ball of "furry" yarn

  • small wire pliers with wire cutters

  • tall can around 5 1/2"

  • enough rice to fill the can

  • scissors

  • optional is one spool ribbon and glue gun

  • 2hrs

click on the images to enlarge for tutorial


  1. This is such an amazing project. How much does the 14 gauge wire cost?

    It looks awesome!!

  2. $2 at Canadian Tire for a spool - From what I hear about how amazing American Dollar Stores are, you probably could find wire there - If not, Home Depot or Ronas would have it (for even less in US funds I bet)

  3. EEK- i was wrong, the wire was $3 at Canadian Tire. It's the craft/ binding galvanized wire in the section where they keep the chains. I used 14GA because it's strong enough to hold up ornaments whithout killing your hands in the process- if you cannot find 14GA, 20GA (which is thinner) should suffice.

  4. Hi Christine- I saw your tree on the dollar store craft site. So cute and looks like a real feather tree. You are so clever! I hope things get better for you- I read your other posts and saw the news about your job. It is bad everywhere. I live in Calif...and there are so many families that are not making it. No jobs and no help from the state. Lets hope it gets better soon. I wish you the best and have a Great Holiday!

  5. I saw a tree that looked just like this on the HGTV Christmas special at Kathy Lee Gifford's house. Did you see it? The designer made her one. It was gorgous. Maybe he got the idea from you!

  6. I found some pictures of the HGTV show- and yup that's a feather tree- but it looks like a real one. I would love to take credit, but real feather trees have been around for over 100 years. I think the reason you don't see them around too much outside of a martha stewart magazines is because the average price is around $100 per foot (kits are much cheaper $20/ft)

  7. WOW...this I love! I'm so glad I ran across your blog....I'm going to be doing this very soon!

  8. OMWow...this is so cool! Way to go fellow Cdn blogger!!

  9. Totally gorgeous! Since I am lazy, when I saw this I thought of using a wire tomato cage as the "skeleton" of the tree. It would be a different look than the tradidional feather tree, but I may try it out just to see.


  10. Awesome idea kilgore! Google "tomato cage christmas tree" under the image tab for plenty of ideas for anyone interested in that alternative- vey modern.
    Thank you all for you kind comments, and a big thanks to Heather at for posting the tree

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this project! I have been making Christmas ornaments and selling them at juried craft shows for a few years now. I am updating and upscaling my 'props' for the shows and this will be perfect. Have a Very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

  12. Would be a good idea for other holidays, too!
    Green for St. Pat. day
    pink for Easter or for a young persons Birthday in their favorite color,Etc.
    Lady Jane

    green for St Pat. day

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