Thursday, January 7, 2010

bling necklaces

I was admiring the necklaces on the anthropologie website, and lucky for me there's not a store for hundreds of miles- so I went through my craft supplies.
Felt can be substituted for foam on these projects (and yes this will the last mention of craft foam for a while, I promise). Also the tutorial patterns are general placements- you can see in the photos that i had to modify the pattern slightly based on what I actually got in the "rhinestone grab bag", I suspect you would have to do the same.


  1. Holy Cats, fer pretty! I might have to go to the dollar store RIGHT NOW. You, 'mam, do good stuff.

  2. Thank you!- apparently Martha's team has a similar necklace for style 2- they call it a bib necklace- I don't know when the story originally aired, but it was craft of the day on Jan10- it pretty much the same thing, just $38 more than this version (they give a bib template apparently which might be handy)check it out:

  3. I forgot to comment on this last month when I saw it - so very cool!