Friday, April 2, 2010

growing food

Last year when I had more money than time, I spent $30 on two tomato plants. Yes they were lovely tomato plants, purchased at the local farmer's market, and the tomatoes themselves were lovely. However this year I decided to grow my own. Partially because my situation is reversed, and partially since I've been following my friend's blog "100 Mile Mel". Now you may think this is part of a healthy competition we started in grade five, but sadly there is no way I can compete with 35 acres of land! Here I am with 19 tomato plants (one succumbed to too much love/ watering) and 8 dill weeds. Still to do are the green onions. I just hope the weather gets warm soon so I can save on my electrical bill (I wonder what the neighbors think I'm doing in my basement).
I'm actually looking forward to next fall, this is when Miss Melly promised me she would do a tutorial on canning. Until then you can enjoy her adventures in growing and eating locally produced food.


  1. We are hoping to move from the desert to Tennessee. I am hoping I can garden there.

  2. Ooh, something I've always wanted to do. I've grown herbs before, but tomatoes are next on the list!