Monday, October 19, 2009

Macrame Scarf

My husband calls these my macrame scarves. They are actually based on Martha Stewart's "no knit scarves" I just added an extra two bunches to make them thicker because it's cold here. Unfortunately this means you need longer strands to start with, but it's worth it. These scarves actually look great and are very functional because they are light weight you can loop it through itself as you tie it around your neck, so it will stay on. Also if you get wool yarn, not only is it very warm, it will slightly felt in the wash- so any bumps or loose knots will even out perfectly. Below I have provided a drawing with instructions for my version of the scarf (click the picture for a larger view) . For this project you will need:

  • a ball of thick wool yarn (will yield around 2 medium length scarves)
  • 3 safety pins
  • a heavy pillow
  • 20 minutes


  1. Fantastic idea! I hope you do not mind - I blogged about you and this blog in my own blog!

  2. christine, just saw this scarf in a boutique made out of a jersey knit fabric. It was so cute and I tried making it with fabric I had. Way too short! Any clue how long to make your strips when using fabric?

    And LOVE your blog!!!

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