Saturday, October 17, 2009


Since now is the last chance to bring and greenery from outside, inside for the long winter, I decided to make some terrariums. I didn't do any research until after the fact, but with a bit of common sense, my original plan worked out well (which means they are still alive). By chance I was flipping through an old Martha where she suggests charcoal instead of regular mud (keeps the bacteria level down) she also warns not to let the plants touch the sides of the glass (prone to rot). Mind you, don't be afraid to just get in there and make mistakes, after all, she's using orchids, and I'm using old pickle jars.

For this project you will need:

  • one clean jar

  • the first layer is gravel

  • second, layer in some mud/ dirt or some of that fancy charcoal

  • next add your moss

water as needed, if you have a lid for you jar, you can place the lid on, and water less often. Just remember to let the terrarium get some light.

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